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Managing Director & Founder

Kalin Stoyanov

Managing Director & Founder
Consultica BG Advisors (Consultica Properties Ltd.)

Kalin Stoyanov is a real estate professional with knowledge and expertise in investment projects, golf and seaside developments worldwide, on and off market hotels & resorts, casinos and commercial property. Stoyanov has been involved in real estate since 2003 and has held key positions in some of Bulgaria’s leading real estate agencies.

2009-2015 he played an important role in the development and opening of Thracian Cliffs Golf Resort in Bulgaria, being one of the most iconic golf, hotel and real estate project in Bulgaria.

Stoyanov founded Consultica BG Advisors in 2009 as a consulting company in the sphere of real estate and investment. Since then the company has been a recognized leader in the sale of properties at Thracian Cliffs Golf Resort in Bulgaria and has been involved in the sale of hotels and luxury real estate throughout Europe.

Stoyanov has multiple business connections in Europe, US and Asia and has advised numerous transactions for high net worth individuals, corporate clients, family offices and investment funds.

Lawyers and legal advisers

Snezhina Kovacheva

Legal adviser

Snezhina Kovacheva’s legal internship began in February 2003 as a legal adviser at RDNSK (Regional Directorate of National Construction Control) Varna. In the same year she was appointed “Senior Legal Adviser” in the Municipality of Varna. There she gained experience in civil and administrative law, as well as experience in procedural representation.

Since 2007 she has been actively involved in legal advice in the field of real estate. She has advised some of the largest real estate brokerage companies in Bulgaria. She represented foreign companies and individuals, interested in buying property or doing other investment in the country. These activities gave her the opportunity to acquire additional expertise on legal and regulational issues related to the specifics of real estate sales.

In April 2009 she was registered as a lawyer in Varna Bar Association.

The accumulated experience in the Municipality of Varna and in the field of real estate is a prerequisite for Snezhina Kovacheva’s successful work on civil, commercial and administrative lawsuits.

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Rositsa Ilieva

Legal adviser

Lawyer Rositsa Ilieva graduated from the Faculty of Law at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” in Varna. She has been working as a lawyer since 2002. Since the same year she has been a member of the Varna Bar Association.

Rositsa Ilieva has been a legal adviser for Consultica BG Advisors since 2016, dealing with the documentary and legal part of the transactions, background check of properties for encumbrances, registration of companies for foreign buyers, statuses of permanent residents.

Areas of activity: real estate transactions, commercial and company law, civil and family law, legal representation and assistance in lawsuits.

Languages: Bulgarian and English

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