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Golf properties in Bulgaria

Гольф апартаменты класса люкс с приличным доходом от сдачи в аренду

PROPERTY PURCHASES AT WORLD-CLASS BULGARIAN RESORT ARE NOT TAXING The affordable and favourable tax system in Bulgaria proved the catalyst for a number of potential purchases at Thracian Cliffs Golf & Beach Resort after the Luxury Property Show, held in…


Лайтхаус-гольф-резорт- Болгария – Недвижимость-на-продажу

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Resort description A unique setting that combines exclusivity and proximity: This is Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort. Situated at the heart of Cape Kaliakra’s signature Golf Coast, you will find a green land and spectacular coast that is bold as…


Недвижимость премиум класса заменила недорогие покупки в Болгарии

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After years of being associated with cheap rural homes, Bulgaria is bidding farewell to its bargain countryside image with a wave of new prime resorts. Goodbye low-priced cottages, hello coastal luxury. Prices, though, are still affordable for buyers from Western…

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