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Market analyses on Thracian Cliffs Golf Resort- August 2018

Ever wondered what is the realistic price for having a property at the beautiful Thracian Cliffs Golf Resort in Bulgaria? Who your neighbours will be? Planning to sell your property- is your price too high or too low?

Consultica BG Advisors is answering all these questions with a complete market analyses. As usual, in a friendly and affordable style! Our research includes the period 10.2014 – 08.2018.

During the period, the portfolio of property owners has increased from 18 nationalities to 20, making the Resort the most multifaceted one in Bulgaria and very probably in the whole of Europe. New countries to join the group are Belarus and Austria.

We can see the increase of property buyers from Bulgaria, which is definitely a positive sign. The number of buyers from Russian federation remains high, and there are new home owners from Romania. Guests from Romania have been at Thracian Cliffs for years, but this is actually the first period, that they decided not only to rent apartments, but to become home owners. This is another positive sign, as these are the clients, who know the Resort best, as they have been visiting since 2009 and closely looking at all operations.

Best selling apartments at Thracian Cliffs for the period:

Most demanded apartment is definitely the 2 bedroom in Marina Village, followed closely by 1 bedroom in Marina Village. For the statistics, a 2 bedroom resale apartment in Marina Village is staying on the market less than 6 months.

Average prices per apartments, based on completed sales:

And last, but not least, how the buyers made their purchases:

71% of property buyers for the period have made their purchases with the mediation of Consultica BG Advisors. We are proud with this fact and mostly we are happy, that our clients continue working with us and looking for our advice on multiple issues even after purchase.

You may join the family of home owners at Thracian Cliffs Resort by reviewing our up to date resale offers and offers from the developer at Thracian Cliffs Golf Resort.

Disclaimer: All data in the analyses is gathered from Consultica BG Advisors using our own statistics, as well as sources from public regitsters and our partnership network. Information, which is considered sensitive and privileged has been removed from the analyses. 

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