About us

Luxury real estate is our real passion!

Consultica BG Advisors is dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers of luxury apartments and villas, hotel and resort properties, casinos, commercial real estate, building opportunities, golf resorts and more.

We work with private and corporate clients, family offices and investment funds. Our offers and expertise are provided professionally and discreetly.

Consultica BG Advisors is an exclusive affiliate representative for Cashmere Hotel Group, California, USA on the European market. Cashmere Hotel Group (CHG) is based in California and is a full service hospitality firm, specialized in boutique hotels and resorts.

Our history

Consultica BG Advisors is a real estate consulting company, founded by Kalin Stoyanov in 2009. The company provides a wide range of services in the sphere of real estate, legal advise, accounting, market analyses and management on a personal basis.

Consultica BG Advisors has been supporting companies and individuals in different businesses in Bulgaria and internationally. Our portfolio of clients exceeds 20 nationalities.

Mission & Vision Statement

Our mission is to inspire a positive and lasting impact. All of our team members embrace the following core values:

RESPECT: We treat our clients and partners with dignity and respect. We believe, that people are at their best when they feel appreciated.
PASSION: We love what we do and act in the best interests of our clients.
COMMUNICATION: Communication and building relationships is part of our daily routine.
INTEGRITY: We conduct ourselves in the highest ethical standards.
LEADERSHIP: We seek to edify, motivate and inspire others.
INNOVATION: We pursue excellence, we innovate and constantly improve.
EFFICIENCY: We set a high bar and move mountains to exceed expectations.
FUN: We are results oriented and focus on solutions, but do not forget to have fun along the way!

Part of our expertise is dedicated to:

Real estate advise

Real estate investment is one of the most profitable businesses in the world. Our company philosophy is to provide to our clients the most attractive real estate offers with regards to regular rental returns,  capital appreciation and most of all excellent location. We research the market, conduct the negotiations and advise the client to make sure, that all aspects of the process are professionally covered.

Legal advise

An experienced and knowledgeable solicitor is the necessary back up of every business worldwide. Our legal advisors are well prepared to consult you on all topics related to property purchase, business establishment and more. Prior to your transaction, our lawyers will makes sure, that the transaction is secured on all fronts.

Accounting advise

Good accountant is always familiar with the latest updates on tax laws, knows how to predict changes in governmental and municipal requirements, always looks at the transaction from the tax saving side. We are proud to have very experienced accountants. We are proud for having completed cases, that many companies had denied to deal with.

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